Correcting Dumpster Rental Misinformation For Your Next Project

If you are about to undertake a major home renovation, remodeling or construction project, you will need to have dumpster readily available so that you can manage the trash and debris that will be generated. As with any other type of equipment, it is wise to become informed about dumpsters prior to renting one or more of them.

Myth: Landscaping And Construction Debris Is No Different From Regular Trash

Some homeowners may assume that the debris generated by their landscaping or construction projects will be handled in the same way as standard trash. However, these materials often require special disposal steps due to local waste management regulations. Therefore, you should let the dumpster provider know that the dumpster will be used for these materials so that they can provide you with one that is designated for this use.

Myth: There Is No Point In Trying To Keep Water Out Of The Dumpster

Letting water get into the dumpster can be a serious mistake as it may create a number of problems. One of the most obvious will be that it can flood the dumpster, which may limit the amount of debris that it can hold. Furthermore, a flooded dumpster can pose a safety hazard for small animals and children. While dumpsters will have drains in them, you will still want to take care to minimize the amount of water that can enter it as these drains can become clogged. For this reason, you should keep the lid to the dumpster closed whenever you are not using it.

Myth: Dumpsters Always Have To Be Placed On Paved Surfaces

While pavement can be one of the best surfaces for dumpsters, you may not have a paved area that is convenient for your project. Fortunately, it may not always be necessary for you to keep the dumpster on paved surfaces. Gravel can be an alternative surface that can easily support the weight of the dumpster. If this is not available, grass may also be used, but you may need to take steps to prevent the dumpster from sinking into the soil.

Myth: It Is Not Necessary To Worry About Damaging The Dumpster

While dumpsters are extremely durable, you will still need to take steps to reduce the risk of the dumpster suffering various types of damage, such as excessive denting or punctures. You will likely be liable for the repair costs for these damages, but simply being mindful to avoid dropping items into the dumpster from too great of a distance should greatly reduce the risk of this occurring.