Providing Portable Toilet Facilities for Guests Attending Your Event

Whenever you arrange an outdoor event that will be attended by many people, you will need to ensure there are restroom facilities available to those attending. Given the vital role that these facilities will play, a handful of considerations should be reviewed when arranging for portable restrooms to be provided.

Provide Additional Porta Potties If Alcohol Will Be Sold

If you will be serving beverages at your event, you should plan on providing additional porta potties for individuals to use. This is particularly true when alcohol will be served, as this can dramatically increase the frequency with which individuals will need to use these facilities.

Determine Whether the Porta Potties Should Be Localized or Spread Throughout the Venue

Depending on the size of your venue and the number of guests that will be attending, you must decide whether to localize all of the porta potties in a single location or to spread them throughout the venue in strategic locations. If you choose to place all of the portable toilets in a single area, you will be dramatically increasing the foot traffic through and to these areas, which can lead to congestion.

Ensure There Is Ample Lighting for the Porta Potties

When choosing the location for the portable toilets, it is common to place them in locations that are fairly isolated. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of the area around these toilets being poorly lit. When this occurs, it can be extremely difficult for individuals to use these facilities, which can increase the messes that will be made. This can be particularly true if the event will be occurring during the night. If the area you are wanting to place the portable toilets is poorly lit, you can rent outdoor lighting systems that will be able to provide ample illumination.

Understand the Logistical Challenges of Using Porta Potties over Multiple Days

If you will need the portable toilets for more than a single day, it is wise to be aware of the logistical challenges that will need to be addressed. One of these will be ensuring these facilities are stocked with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other essentials. At the end of each day, the portable toilets should be inspected to determine whether they are sufficiently stocked and ready for use. If you find that one of these portable toilets is excessively dirty or understocked, you should have these issues addressed before the start of the next day.