Take Care Of Excessive Trash And Recylables At Your Business

A recently expanded business often means more waste to contend with, and this can become a hazard if you are dealing with items that are flammable, heavy, or sharp. One way to cut down on multiple trips to the trash area that you have set up outdoors is by providing your workers with utility or hand carts and clearly marked receptacles to dispose of garbage or renewable materials.

Get Down To The Bottom Of What You Expect

If your employees have been careless in the past and have spilled liquids or tossed heavy items into trash cans, let it be known that these behaviors need to stop right now. Choosing to rent a roll off dumpster means that your workers need to be more responsible when tossing items into the container.

Tossing items that could spill into the confines of the dumpster could attract wildlife, and heavier items could pose a threat if you have decided to rent a dumpster that has a side door and one of your employees is dragging items through the doorway at the same time that a large, clunky item is being heaved into the receptacle.

Let it be known that you expect all of your workers to be careful when placing items inside of the dumpster and that you would like everyone to check to make sure that the side door is closed and secure before throwing items into the container.

Specify What Is Restricted And Provide Carts

Prepare a list of items that should not be placed inside of the dumpster at any time and go over the list with your employees. Liquids should always be placed inside of a sealed container before being thrown away, and any chemicals that are flammable should be disposed of separately. If you want your employees to be mindful of renewable materials that can be sent to a recycling facility, supply your crew with a separate container for these items. 

All recyclables should be rinsed off and separated before being placed inside of a bin. If heavy items tend to be thrown out, including damaged boards, crates of paperwork, and broken equipment, provide each department head with a cart and inform the staff members to collect the heavy items at the end of each shift.

All of the heavy items should be brought through the dumpster's side door, if possible, to prevent anyone from straining or injuring themselves due to lifting the weighty items.