Create An Appealing And Operable Restroom Area That Your Wedding Reception Guests Can Use

If your wedding guests will be offered porta potties to use during your reception, you may be worried about your guests' perception of the rental units, especially if some of your guests have high standards. Use fabric canopies, mirrors, and furnishings to create an appealing and operable outdoor restroom area.

Add Canopies And Signs

Provide the illusion of an enclosed space by installing a canopy over each porta potty. Before doing this, choose the spot that you would like to designate for the portable toilet units. Select a flat and level surface that is somewhat secluded, but still within a close proximity of the party area.

Purchase or rent canopies that contain white, frilly fabric or material that has a custom design printed on it that is symbolic of the wedding celebration. Since men, women, and children will likely be on your guest list, don't subject the attendees to long waits in line.

Rent multiple porta potties and line them up across the property. If you would like to separate the men's restrooms from the women's restrooms, create two rows of porta potties. Install a pop-up canopy over each potty. Hang a sign along the front of each canopy that specifies if the porta potty underneath has been designated for females or males to use.

Add A Grooming And Seating Area

Your guests will probably want to freshen up their appearance after using the restrooms. Add a portable handwashing and sanitizer station under each canopy and place standing mirrors in the restroom area. The mirrors should not interfere with gaining access to the porta potties and can be placed to the side of each toilet unit.

Use lawn furniture to create small seating areas that are located next to the rental units. The seats will be an asset to anyone who would like to take a load off while they are waiting for their turn to use one of the porta potties. Since the reception party may last well past sunset, install flood or solar lighting along the ground so that your guests can find their way to and from the restrooms. 

Use Volunteer Attendants

A couple of your loved ones may be willing to assist with keeping an eye on the rental units and the property surrounding them. Supply each volunteer with some disinfectant, cloths, air freshener, and rolls of toilet paper. Your volunteers do not need to consistently focus on the rental units. Instead, request that they check the status of the toilets from time to time and use the cleaning supplies and hand out the extra rolls of toilet paper if needed. 

Contact a company that provides porta potty rentals for additional advice and information about deciding which porta potties will be best for your needs.